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Microchipping At Our Wichita Falls Vet Clinic

It's all too easy for a pet to wander off, get lost during a spirited outdoor romp or get separated from his home in the chaos of a storm or other natural disaster. In these situations you can take some comfort in the knowledge that your pet has a collar IT tag -- but if that tag gets detached from your pet as well, can you still hope to be reunited with him? If your Wichita Falls pet carries a microchip implanted by Callfield Companion Animal Clinic, the answer is yes. These tiny devices can transmit invaluable data to an RFID (radio-frequency identification) scanner, helping animal workers trace your pet back to his owner -- you!


The Basics of Microchipping

If you thought equipping your pet with a microchip involved pricey invasive surgery, you might be started to learn that it's actually as simple as an injection through a syringe. The microchip is barely larger than a grain of rice, thanks to its sheer simplicity of design. The chip need only carry one critical piece of data -- a unique ID number, which is kept on file (along with your contact information) at a nationwide pet registry service. The microchip also requires no internal power source; it's a passive RFID transceiver, meaning that whenever an RFID scanner scans it, the RF energy causes the chip to transmit its ID number to the scanner's display. The operator of the scanner can then use the ID number to find your information in the pet registry and contact you to let you know that your pet has been found.

Why Your Pet Needs Both a Tag and a Microchip

Of course the average passerby won't be carrying an RFID scanner when he meets up with your lost dog; the traditional collar ID tag is still the easiest way for most people to trace an animal to its owner. But collar ID tags have one critical downside -- they can be ripped away from the collar while your pet is running through underbrush or during rough play with another animal. The collar itself may become detached, leaving your pet with no obvious identification. Fortunately, workers at animal shelters and vet clinics know to scan an untagged animal around the shoulder blade area, where microchips are usually implanted.

As a responsible pet owner, you should ensure that your pet is equipped with both forms of identification to maximize his chances of being returned to you. Either veterinarian at Callfield Companion Animal Clinic, Dr. Elisa Spears or Dr. James Spears, can supply your pet with a microchip and tags while performing other wellness care such as vaccinations (adding proof of rabies vaccination to the tag data).

Schedule Microchipping for Your Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, Iowa Park or Holliday Pet

Microchipping just makes good sense for your Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, Iowa Park of Holliday pet. Call (940) 692-7000 to schedule this service with your veterinarian!

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