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Treatment Options at Our Wichita Falls Vet Clinic

Your pet is always in good hands here at Callfield Companion Animal Clinic. Our experienced vet team can provide any number of treatment methods to alleviate symptoms and aid the healing process. Our treatment options include:

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  • Pest and Parasite Treatment - Pest and parasite infestations can cause serious health problems for animals, from disease transmission to dermatitis. We can eliminate an infestation in progress, treat any skin complications and start your pet on preventative medications.
  • Pain Management - When your pet suffers, so do you. Your Wichita Falls veterinarian can help by providing a variety of pain management techniques and therapies to address both acute and chronic pain. Depending on the cause of the discomfort, your pet may benefit from anti-inflammatory or opiate medications, nutritional support, weight loss, exercise or even joint fusion surgery.
  • General Surgery - Our vet team performs a wide range of surgical procedures to treat internal and external problems. Examples include sealing deep lacerations, removing tumors from the skin or organs, tooth extractions or oral cancer surgery, and Cesarian sections for pets who cannot give birth naturally.
  • Emergency/Urgent Care - When your pet faces a serious health crisis, Callfield Companion Animal Clinic is ready to provide immediate care. Our in-house laboratory enables us to run the necessary diagnostic tests as efficiently as possible so we can get right to work on treating your pet. We can deal with emergencies such as heat stroke, hypothermia, poisoning, snake bite, choking, urinary obstruction and difficult labor.
  • Infection Treatment - Prompt treatment can help stop an infection in its track before it becomes even more of a danger to your pet. Your veterinarian can clean wounds and provide antibiotics as needed to keep bacteria from overrunning the body. We're also able to administer antifungal or antiviral medications.
  • Systemic Disease Treatment - Pets can suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, eye diseases, cancer and organ dysfunction just as we humans can, especially as they grow older and their risk for such conditions rises. Our vet team can detect these diseases early through a routine wellness exam, at which point we can prescribe medications, dietary adjustments, nutritional supplementation and other methods to treat the ailment in question.

Learn More by Consulting Your Wichita Falls Veterinarian

Need to learn more about any of our treatment services? Call (940) 692-7000 to schedule a consultation with your Wichita Falls veterinarian at Callfield Companion Animal Clinic. We want to help!

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