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Wellness Care at Our Wichita Falls Vet Center

As a caring pet owner, you'd do anything to save or preserve your pet's health, even if it meant paying for complex, extensive treatments. But the easiest and most humane way to enhance your pet's health is take some simple but critical steps to reduce his odds of developing those serious ailments in the first place. Our Wichita Falls veterinarian, Dr. Elisa Spears or Dr. James Spears, will be more than happy to provide your pet with a variety of preventative wellness services to help ensure a lifetime of health and happiness.

veterinarian holding a dog and a cat

A World of Wellness Services

Wellness care involves preventative strategies, treatments and lifestyle recommendations to optimize your pet's health and protect against potential threats to that health. To achieve this, our Wichita Falls vet team offers such routine (but nevertheless important) wellness services as:

  • Wellness Exams

Most adults pets should have a wellness exam each year. Your veterinarian will listen to the lungs and heart, measure vital signs, evaluate the external parts of the body, examine neurological/musculoskeletal function and run a series of blood and urine tests. We will also ask you about your pet's diet and lifestyle. These steps let us detect any minor issues before they can become major ones.

  • Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccinations provide critical protection against potentially deadly diseases. We commonly administer core vaccinations that protect animals against especially common ailments such as rabies and distemper. We also administer booster shots periodically to prevent the protection from fading.

  • Spaying and Neutering

 Spaying and neutering prevents pregnancy and unwanted litters, but it also prevents reproductive cancer. Additionally, your calmer pet is less likely to get into hazardous accidents or fights. For these reasons, we highly recommend spaying and neutering as a smart wellness measure.

  • Pest and Parasite Prevention

Fleas, ticks, heartworm and other invaders can do serious damage to your pet's health by spreading diseases, causing dermatitis or (in the case of heartworm) leading to cardiopulmonary failure. We can put your pet on a preventative medication program to keep these pests and parasites away.

  • Nutritional and Dietary Counseling

Animals have different dietary and nutritional needs at different stages of life, and imbalances can encourage unhealthy weight gain. We can advise you on what (and how much) to feed your pet, including specialized diets to help control specific medical issues.

  • Puppy/Kitten Wellness

We provide puppies and kittens with spay/neuter surgery, initial rounds of core vaccinations, de-worming and other wellness procedures to get their lives off to a healthy start.

  • Senior Pet Wellness

Senior pets require two wellness exams per year instead of one. We pay special attention to age-related dental, musculoskeletal and neurological issues, as well as test results that indicate possible cancer or organ failure.

Contact Our Wichita Falls Vet Team

Good health is a wonderful lifelong gift for your pet. Contact us today at (940) 692-7000 to schedule wellness care from our Wichita Falls vet team!

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